The Intuitive Fertility Community

Yoga, meditation & group support for women ready to stop feeling so alone and start confidently making decisions about their personal and sacred fertility journey.


Learn to stop second-guessing yourself and make decisions about your body from a place of intuition & empowerment - without needing permission from anyone else.

I see you -


You’re the woman who can describe & imagine in intricate detail the sheer joy it would bring you to place your hands on your belly, knowing you are pregnant. 

You have imagined this moment a million times in a million different ways. 

AND - your journey has looked nothing…


like you imagined it would.

And that’s hard. 

Really, really, really hard. 

You most likely feel exhausted, confused, and totally overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make everyday…

About your body, supplements, diet and health.

And don’t even get me started on all of the unsolicited advice that comes with #ttc.

It’s a lot for you to deal with - especially on your own. 

You find yourself second-guessing every decision you need to make. 

You struggle to live in the moment, telling yourself you’ll be happy when… become pregnant. 

And you just wish you had someone to talk to without having to explain all the details.

Someone who just GETS IT. 

Because even though you have people in your life that LOVE you and are on this journey with you, they still don’t fully understand what YOU are going through. 

Take a moment & imagine how it would feel to…

  • make decisions that feel good - with ease. No more second guessing
  • let go of self doubt - so you feel less confused & anxious
  • speak up & be heard, even if you’ve never been able to before 
  • be less alone - and stop this journey from being so isolating
  • see your body in a more loving way - even if this feels impossible right now
  • let go of living with regret or fear - so you can enjoy the moment, even if it’s not what you imagined
  • fully trust in the divine timing of your journey 

Introducing, The Intuitive Fertility Community!!

A sacred yoga community for women who are #ttc. 

A place to deeply connect with one another, learn how to confidently make decisions using your intuition, & cultivate connections to faith, spirituality, & the Universe - 

While becoming (JOY)fully present on your fertility journey. 

The IFC (Intuitive Fertility Community) is different from other fertility & #ttc groups you’ve been part of - WHY?

Because...I’ve been where you are. 

Through the darkness and the struggles…...and, frankly, I’m still on my own sacred journey. 

I understand you in a way that someone else who hasn’t been there cannot possibly get. 

I know what it’s like to hand my power over to a doctor or healer. 

I know what it’s like to feel completely alone - in a way that even your partner cannot comprehend…(if you are on this journey in partnership).

I know how it feels to be lost and alone - without anyone else to connect with.

I get it - I REALLY do!

You’re why I created this community. It’s for you. And for me. 

Because I’ve learned what it is like to be in alignment with my intuition and be guided from that place.


I've searched all over for a community to help me on my own journey...…and I still haven’t found it.

So instead - I created it.

This program contains what every other program lacks: CommUNITY! 

So, my friend - that’s why community is at the heart of this program and includes everything from: 

-Weekly LIVE  Virtual Yoga Classes, Sacred Support Circles, and TONS of Resources like Meditations, Sound Healing, Q&A Sessions, Monthly Teachings & Access to your Fertility Guide & Yoga Teacher, Meg Thomas. 

Because your journey is different every day, you’ll learn how to:

  • Let  go of the “I’ll only be happy when….” plague so that you can be (JOY)fully present your entire journey
  • Access & follow your intuition so that you can FINALLY stop asking everyone around you for their opinions! 
  • Give your sweet body the love it desperately craves in a way that works for you - so that you can finally relax enough & learn what it means to really fall in love with yourself 
  • Start connecting with other #ttc women so you don’t feel like you’re all alone
  • Use the Universe and your spiritual side to let go of comparing & despairing so you can trust what’s going on FOR YOU

Here’s what you’re going to get:

Weekly LIVE Virtual Sacred Support Circle

Connect & share gratitudes and struggles. Allow yourself the space to be seen and heard. Begin to understand yourself more deeply.

Weekly LIVE Virtual Fertility Yoga & Meditation Classes

Deeply connect with your body, mind and spirit. Experience peace and calm that comes from a practice tailored specifically for your fertility journey.

Monthly Virtual Coaching Call

This is your time to connect and get coached on your specific needs. Learn from each others’ questions as well!

Monthly Learning Modules

Video trainings that cover varied topics and are designed to give you tools & strategies that will move you past your stuck places.

Recorded Meditations 

Designed to help you navigate through specific issues, concerns, experiences - and you can listen to them again and again

Access to ALL previous Yoga & Meditation recordings

Can’t make it to a live class? This is the perfect option!

Journaling Prompts

You’ll learn how to get the thoughts out of your head so you can better understand what it is they are telling you. 

Private Membership Facebook Group

A safe space to share with each other and feel connected at all times. We will share & celebrate our wins and hold each other’s hands through the challenges.

Access & Savings

Early Bird Registrations & Savings on workshops & retreats with me!

Join The Intuitive Fertility Community

for only $44/month. 


I’d love to have you on board for my launch of this incredible & exciting program! Consider yourself a FOUNDER - and take advantage of this Founder’s Price of $44/month for this membership program! 

Start your journey today. 

In May the price will increase to $88 for new members. Your rate - no matter how long you want to stay - will remain $44/month!


Risk Free

7 day RISK Free Trial when you sign up.

Cancel your membership at anytime.

Meet Meg

I’m Meg and I get it. I really really get it. 

I see you & I hear you. Because I was and still am you. 

I have been on a fertility journey for a few years, and it has taken me places I never imagined going. 

It has been some of the most brutifal (brutal + beautiful) experiences of my life.

I’ve experienced extreme health challenges through my life, and this one is sooo different. 

My other challenges were based in survival. This one is wrapped in desire. 

This desire to become a mama has pushed every edge of my comfort zone, and just when I think I cannot possibly be stretched any further, I am. 

But one thing keeps me going. 

It is the core belief that I live my entire life by. 

It’s this….

Where the desire is present, so is the way to fulfill it. 

I believe this to be true for myself, AND I believe it to be true for you as well.

What we cannot define is the “how”. And that’s where this community comes in. 

This community - The IFC -  is a way for us to all navigate the “how” together. 

I’ve been teaching yoga and hosting women’s retreats across the country for years and as I’ve gotten deeper into my own fertility journey, the intuitive calling to work specifically with women who are trying to conceive can NO LONGER BE IGNORED. 

I am truly honored to be on this path with you. 

The Intuitive Fertility Community is right for you if you are ready to…

  • deeply connect with other wholehearted #ttc women
  • confidently make decisions about your body with ease
  • live (JOY)fully right now, no matter where you are on your journey
  • fall madly in love with your body
  • speak up and ask for what you need (especially when it’s hard)
  • deeply trust in divine timing
Don’t let another cycle pass you by without the support of a SACRED community. 

Weekly Schedule


Fertility Yoga

Tuesday's @ 6pm (est)

Thursday's @ 6pm (est)

Sacred Support Circle 

Thursday's @ 7:30pm (est)

Monthly Coaching Call

3rd Sunday @ 11am (est)


We've got A's for your Q's

Frequently Asked Questions 

I am ready, Meg!